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Image of Exterior of Residential Property


As-built drawings are the required foundation of any architectural design project. For many retail store take-over and corporate acquisition scenarios, no existing drawings are available for the base of the design project. Even when an old CAD file or a roll of paper drawings can be found, these documents are rarely accurate enough to be relied on for design purposes. Using a qualified survey company will pay for itself in reductions in change-orders during the construction process, and less interruptions in the design process. Whether the project is residential, commercial, hospitality, high-rise, educational, or any other building type; up-to-date as-built drawings are obtained or created to show the architect and design team exact dimensions and conditions of the existing property. The CAD and REVIT files Precision creates, will serve as the start files for the design team. While some architects provide their own as-built surveys in-house, many find it beneficial to outsource to a specialist like Precision to keep their design team in the office doing design work, while we take care of their field work. Our reliability, attention to detail, and fast turn-around time benefits architects, large corporations, universities, and governmental agencies awarding contracts in the the A&E and construction industry, as well as small businesses and homeowners.

Image of Front Exterior of Residential Property

Our Process

Our scope of survey is always unique to each customer, our sales representatives will determine exactly which scope items are required before drafting a proposal. This keeps costs down while maximizing the value of our service. If the exact scope cannot be determine prior to proposal, a more comprehensive bid will be prepared listing each scope item as a separate cost. Some scope items that are not requested often include parking lot layouts, roof layouts, building sections, etc... These items can be very useful in some situations, please do not hesitate to request a scope item not mentioned on our website.

Once our proposal is accepted, we send a field surveyor or team of surveyors to the project site. If airfare, hotel, and rental car expenses are to be incurred these are typically included our proposal, and will not be billed to the customer unless otherwise stated in the proposal. Our surveyor(s) take measurements via handheld laser measuring devices and/or a 3d scanner along with a complete set of digital photos capturing all areas of the building including above the ceiling, electrical/plumbing equipment, roof, site, etc... On-site time depends mostly on project type and square footage, and can range from 6 hours for blueprints of a house, to over a week for large multi-story buildings. 

Once the field data has been collected, the information is sent back to our office in Colorado for 3d modeling in Revit and/or 2d as-built drawing creation in AutoCAD. Creating as-built drawings from 3d scan data and field measurements is a time consuming process. Small projects may take 1-2 days in the drafting and quality control process, but larger projects can take up to 2-3 weeks.

The completed as-built drawings along with all photos, survey report, and any other project document are submitted to the customer via digital transfer. Invoices are submitted with the as-built drawings are are subject to Net30 billing.

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