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On-Site Measuring Equipment

Depending on the size and complexity of a project, we may use either 3d scanning or traditional laser based as-built data collection methods on-site to gather all of the measurements required to prepare as-built drawings. When we are not using hand-held Lecia laser measuring devices, we utilize a Faro Focus S 350 for 3d scanning. With a 350 meter scan range, we are able to collect data on-site efficiently, and return to the office with point-cloud data used to generate as-built drawings in 2d or 3d BIM (AutoCAD or Revit).

Residential 3d Scan Project
Faro Focus S350.jpg

3d scanning drastically reduces on-site time required to collect the information required to create an as-built Revit drawing. Most of the project time is spent in the 3d modeling process from our surveyor's home offices. 

Our standard tripod to the left is ideal for most applications. Outdoor scans can be taken from heights up to 35 feet above the ground using our tallest tripod to capture roof pitches on multi-story mountain homes such as our Revit file featured below.

Residential Multi-Story NEDBO.jpg
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