Typical Scope of Survey


  • Detailed floor plan showing construction of demising walls, interior rooms, floor coverings, electrical and plumbing locations.

  • All structural elements including patterns and heights of beams and joists

  • Reflected ceiling plan detailing all components to include: lighting types, sprinkler systems, diffusers and returns, etc…

  • Interior/exterior elevations & section cuts

  • Digital photos & 360 photos which are keyed to the floor plan

  • Survey report outlining HVAC, electrical, and plumbing information

  • All data is provided on CD/DVD or uploaded to an FTP server. Hard copy available upon request.

  • Drawing files come in AutoCAD 2021 or REVIT 2021 

  • BOMA area calculation

  • Point cloud data available upon request


The service provided by Precision As-Builts is very specialized, as we only provide one type of architectural service. We create architectural as-built drawings from scratch, through the use of on-site field measurements of each property. Drawings are created on-site in AutoCAD using only the measurements taken by company trained field surveyors to ensure complete accuracy of each architectural as-built drawing.


Our drawings are used as the base of a construction project; first to give the designing team, property owner, property lessor, and contractors/subcontractors an accurate layout of what currently exists at the property, and what the conditions are. After the involved parties have an idea of what currently exists, they can better understand the opportunities and limitations that exist regarding the intended purpose/use of the property going forward, and how this impacts the possible designs of any proposed changes/alterations to the property.

After all involved parties evaluate the property through the use of our as-built drawings and corresponding on-site photographs and collected information, a demolition of specific existing conditions can be easily facilitated with our CAD drawings by presenting our now modified CAD drawing to the general contractor.

The modified CAD drawing illustrates specifically which items are to be demolished. By providing these resources to the GC, accurate demolition bids are easier to obtain and multiple sources may be easily sought.

After demolition, the now demolished interior fit-outs can be removed from the CAD file we created, and what remains is an accurate layout of what still remains in the space, often only structural elements. This accurate layout of structural elements including walls, columns, sprinkler systems, HVAC systems, fire systems, plumbing fixtures, etc…. serves as a solid base plan that the new designers/architects can use to begin a new design. Throughout the design process, the possibilities and limitations of each property remain in clear view of designers and others involved in the process.

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